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Carol Diviney of Universe Poems

Queen of Poetry Carol Diviney

Q. Please tell us what you do in 3 words

Poetess, Authoress and CEO.

Q. Best piece of advice for Entrepreneur in 2023

Maintain your authenticity within creative arts.

Q. Who was that one person in your life that never gave up on you? How did this shape your career?

My mother's inspirational quotes that have stayed with me throughout my life: "Your happiness comes first"

Life is about being happy whatever you are doing in life happiness is everything. "You can achieve anything you set your heart to"

My mother is an inspirational woman who lost her mother at a very young age, but still went on to become an inspirational role model.

Q. If you could travel back to 2022 and change one thing, what would it be and why?

I would write even more poetry than I did. The reason for this, the fine art of poetry, is my passion.

Q. How does your job make the world a better place?

Poetry will always leave people with something, in terms of feelings and emotions aiding expression.

People are already nature conceived as nature born as nature you live as nature. Emotions, feelings, and knowledge engage nature with nature, enabling the holistic benefits that people are receiving through poetry. Engagement taking place through reading, thought prompts, writing prompts and Poetry cross-applied with therapeutic practices, thus giving people the option of self-help also. Holistic health is paramount in daily life to maintain equilibrium.

Q. How does it make you feel knowing you've helped someone find a measure of success, joy or happiness in their life as a direct result of your work?

Any successful art organisation's focus must be connection with the world through globalisation.

Within the creative arts field this is paramount for culture and interconnection, ensuring equality within literature is accessible for everyone.

Knowing Universe Poems is inspiring people worldwide goes beyond job satisfaction. Fine Art and Creative Arts with people benefiting from joy, happiness or success is part of our mission as an arts organisation.

Q. Can you share a story about the time a client made you smile?

A client stated to me that my art I post daily makes her day, and she said thank you.

Q. When people work with you, what should they expect?

Productivity Focused Project Management Autonomy Team Working and Team Building A smile and empathic approach.

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