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Alana Frost of Alana's Organizing

Alana Frost of Alana's Organizing

America's Number One Organizer - Alana Frost

Q. Please tell us what you do in 3 words

Organizational design & relocation

Q. Best piece of advice for Entrepreneur in 2023 . - Make this relevant to your profession.

Mind your own business- literally. Focus on building your brand and not on what your competitors are doing. Save your energy to move the needle forward in your business, and not compare yourself to others.

Q. Who was that one person in your life that never gave up on you? How did this shape your career?

This is a twofold answer, the first is my Creator, and the second is my husband. Having the support of these two has helped me to value myself, the work that I do, and how it helps others. This has encouraged me to keep moving forward with my business, especially during times of uncertainty and setbacks. I've been able to progress to higher levels of success, because of the confidence that I have of their loving support on this entrepreneurial journey of mine.

Q. If you could travel back to 2022 and change one thing, what would it be and why?

Last year was a year filled with lessons for me, both big and small. Those lessons have been invaluable to the growth of my business and my outlook going forward, so I truly cannot say that I would change anything about 2022. There's the saying of failing forward. Mistakes are inevitable in business, but how they are handled going forward makes all the difference. From them come knowledge and insight, so I'm very grateful for that and how I can apply what I've learned to make my business the best it's ever been in 2023. Q. How does your job make the world a better place?

We help people during some of the most difficult times in their life. Most of our clients are distressed and needing help when they reach out to us. They're in a transition of their life, they may be having a baby, moving to a new home, downsizing or dealing with the loss of a loved one. We help create a peaceful, organized and calm home for them during these transitions. This takes an immense amount of pressure off of them and allows them to have joy despite the challenges they're facing. People in this world need all the peace and joy it has to offer, it's a gift that keeps on giving.

Q. How does it make you feel knowing you've helped someone find a measure of success, joy or happiness in their life as a direct result of your work?

It brings me tremendous joy, I'm often at a loss for words when I think about the ways I've been able to help my clients and their loved ones. Sometimes I hear from my clients one or two years down the road, and they're still so grateful for the work I've done to help them. The organizational systems we put in place are still working for them, and making home life easier. It's so amazing to positively affect others in their day to day life, months or years from working with them. Q. Can you share a story about the time a client made you smile?

Wow, there are so many, it's hard to choose. This isn't client specific, but rather a climactic moment that almost every one of them experience. It's the moment when they realize that we're creating an ideal space in their home, just for them personally. It's a light bulb moment when they see the depth of our personalized service and how it really revolves around them, and making their life easier. We're not selling them a cookie cutter solution, but rather, a highly personalized solution to some of their most difficult challenges at home. It's the moment that they realize, they can dream about what they want, and we make it come to life.

Q. When people work with you, what should they expect? They should expect high personalization and communication at every level. That includes them feeling seen, heard and considered throughout their entire journey of working with us. Regardless of the specific service that we're providing them, they should expect their needs to be anticipated, solutions provided, and completely taken care of from start to finish.


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