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Rapper Ciinco - Giving Back to the Community

“As a musician my music is all about being yourself, being cool and using my story as a way to just express myself that hopefully resonates with people who go through the same things as I do.”

With the cut-throat competition in the hip-hop world, it is not easy to make an impression that lasts. But not for Ciinco! The rapper has already brought a lot of noise on the music floor but what has caught the attention of Legend Magazine is not his music.

In a recent interview with Celebrity Life Coach Joseph Bonner on the Joseph Bonner Show, Ciino revealed to the inspirational media mogul that he spends some of his time giving back to his community though his love of basketball. In a sense, using the game to help youths and adults alike build self-esteem and self-worth.

Hollywood Magazine had the chance to sit down with your Rapper Ciino learn a little bit more about this inspiring artist.

HM: So, Ciino, as a rapper from the NYC, how do you define yourself?

CIINO: I am an independent Musician – Rap/hip-hop artist.

HM: Can you tell us a little bit about your journey to becoming a rapper?

CIINO: I got into music a little over a year ago. I was working part-time after school and one day I reconnected with an old friend of mine and found out that he was a producer/musician.

We made plans to get together and catch up. At that point, I had never thought about being an artist. I simply wanted to keep in touch with a friend, chill and possibly learn something new.

After we worked out our work schedules and finally got together it was like destiny, it was a complete, eye-opening turn of events. One minute we were chilling and my old friend was playing me some of his latest tracks and the next minute he asked me "If I wanted to hop on a track?"

HM: This really illustrated the power of human connections!

CIINO: Even though I was hesitant but excited, I was like “alright, cool.” He started recording and laid out the first two verses and then I just jumped in. I was totally in the moment, it was like the music was going through me.

We finished recording and my friend played the song back through his headphones. At that point, I couldn’t hear what he was listening to, so I sat back down to chill some more. After he finished listening, he turned to me and said I should keep doing music because this (the track we just did) sounds wild.

So, after that, I started recording on my own, put a single out that really took off and now. . . I'm here.

HM: So, what was the experience like for you?

CIINO: It has definitely been fun! If it wasn’t fun, I would stop. Life is too short to not do what you love.

HM: There is so much competition in music. Was your journey an easy one? Most importantly, what keeps you going?

CIINO: Of course, you go through your bumps in the road wondering if your listeners will vibe with the message in your music.

But I’m in a place where, as long as I like what I put out and feel confident I’ve laid out a message that people can relate to, that’s all I need.

And, I have to love every project I put out.

HM: Did the fame-especially one after the first song-change you?

CIINO: Being true to myself helps me be true to others and I believe that sets me apart from others because no one has your story but you. I don’t know about being proud, but the few people in my life that matter, that keep me grounded are honest with me and encourage me. That encouragement helps me to strive to be the best.

HM: In your journey as a rapper, what is the proudest moment you had in the past two years?

CIINO: Proudest moment – most definitely performing, especially my very first time performing ever on a stage. I just had fun with it and that really had the crowd going, so that was definitely a proud moment for me, for sure.

HM: We know that we alluded to your community work in the title of the interview and that’s awesome to see you working so hard to help the community. Obviously people can check out the interview with the one and only Joseph Bonner all over the internet but where can others reach out to you to learn more about your community service work and support your efforts?

CIINO: Yes, I have my website – where I have my merchandise and music.

In addition, everyone can also hit me up on –


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