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Bridging the gap between education and opportunity with Terrance Wallace

Terrance Wallace in the middle center with youths from In Zone Project

While it can be challenging for inner-city youths to have access to the same education and opportunities as their affluent counterparts, one program is bridging the gap and making the dreams of disadvantaged youths in the US and New Zealand come true.

On a mission to provide minority disadvantaged youths access to top education and safe communities, Terrance Wallace, founder of the In Zone Project, talks with Celebrity Life Coach Joseph Bonner on the global impact his program is having in the US and New Zealand and encourages more to get involved in the project in any way they can.

While their conversation was very informative and lighthearted, Wallace shared a chilling story about a kidnapping that motivated him to launch a program for disadvantaged youths.

"What I love about what you are doing is why you are doing it," Joseph Bonner tells Wallace.

Wallace will be featured on the cover of Legend Magazine, alongside celebrity A-lister Keanu Reeves and spilled tea on his upcoming movie premiere in Los Angeles on February 7, 2020.