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A new champion of youths on a mission to motivate youths

A new champion of youths on a mission to motivate youths

Deandre Jones has not always had an easy life, and when he bad decisions landed him in a youth detention center some years back, he vowed that he would never return and makes something out of himself.

Recently, Jones appeared on the Joseph Bonner Show with Celebrity Life Coach Joseph Bonner to talk about a project her holds dear to his heart.

A youth center was the topic and Jones shared on the show how it was important for him to be able to give back in this special way to make sure youths in the rougher neighborhoods had access to mentoring, tutoring and a non-violent esports.

Deandre Jones

This is not the 1t time Jones has sought to make a positive impact in the community. In 2018, the city of Grand Rapids awarded him 10,000 to create Jump Ahead, a program encouraging non-violence in the community.

In 2020, Jones will be raising funds for his new youth center to help build a safe learning environment for youths in his community.

Anyone wanting to support is asked to e-mail him at