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Jonas Brother's #HappinessBeginsTour sells out their 1st night at the Garden arena in NYC

Jonas Brother's #HappinessBeginsTour sells out their 1st night at the Garden arena in NYC

Photo Credit: Jonas Brothers Twitter


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Joseph Bonner

Joseph Bonner is an award-winning media proprietor, CEO, publisher, journalist, mental health coach, and celebrity manager focused on promoting and uplifting his clients and those around him. His advice, outspoken comments, and innovative thoughts published in journals such as the Huffington Post, Daily Star, The Independent, and others have served to positively influence the mental, emotional and economic wellbeing of his listeners. Making his first television appearance in the year 2000 on ABC's Court TV, Joseph served as a panel guest, speaking on the global plight of school bullying and violence. Later that year he was featured in the New York Times and interviewed by People Magazine and Extra. A highlight for Joseph was his appearance on the late-night talk show, Real Time with Bill Maher, addressing numerous teen issues and world topics.



CELEBRITY: The Jonas Brother's sell out for their #HappinessBeginsTour at the Garden arena in NYC and it comes as no surprise!

Fans can purchase tickets by visiting Ticket Master

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