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NETFLIX cancels expensive and low-rating shows

Netflix announced it will cancel some of it’s shows including “Orange is the New Black,” after season seven, two of Marvel’s series, including “Iron Fist” and “Luke Cage” after just two seasons, “Lady Dynamite,” “Disjointed,” “Seven Seconds,” and “Everything Sucks.”

The cuts are mainly due to poor reviews by audience and critics alike. Take for instance, “Iron Fist,” which was announced to be cancelled after it’s second season. It received a critic rating of 37/100, and a general audience rating of 6.0/10, averaging a below-average expectation for its continuance. “Seven Seconds”- a drama based in Jersey, received a critic rating of 68/100, and a general audience rating of 7.1/10, and hence this show being cancelled after it’s first and only season.

Earlier this year, Netflix has announced it’s focus on full fledge films as well as genres in high-demand, such as sci-fi, and more recently, family-based shows.

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